Monday, July 11, 2011

11 Days&Counting!

I'm laying in bed with a cup of tea and a blanket and a box of tissues. NOT how I planned on spending my Monday...

The wedding is in 11 days. It has not set in yet!

This is where we're going after:


DrOakley said...

OK...looks like Cancun or the like....yes?

The Doctor said...

Actually, it looks as though the doctor is in his office(the basement), yet again.

Summer, why does your father attack and malign people and call it a ministry? Why does he, as a professed believer, call those he doesn't like “bigots” and “morons?” Why does he viciously go after anyone who disagrees with him, with no respect to their feelings, their families, and his duties as a professed Christian?

Why does he lie and mislead people about his education, or lack thereof? Why does he intentionally mislead people without the facts to back it up, just so he can lead them to the conclusion he wants to make? Doesn't he realize this makes him a liar? Why does he lie about where he works?

Summer, we know you love your father, so we hope you call him to repent publicly of his sinfulness and learn to act like the Christian he claims to be.


Everyone with a clue

P.S. Before you go bonkers with righteous indignation because this is an anonymous poster, I have one name for you: Turretinfan.

You, sir, are a liar!

Summer Pinch said...

Dear Coward,
Feel free to email him and ask him these questions, instead of hiding behind your keyboard and leaving your drivel on my personal blog. Honestly, I hope you are a little girl because that is the only excuse for attacking someone's daughter instead of having the guts to speak to them directly. Do not leave anymore trash on my blog.

The Doctor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Doctor said...

Dear Summer,

"Dear Coward,"

"instead of hiding behind your keyboard"

Are you confusing me with Turretinfan, your father's lackey who runs around anonymously on the internet, at your father's bidding, attacking and maligning anyone and everyone that your father disagrees with?

Can you explain to us why that is acceptable, but me asking you questions(attacking, really?) is not? I'm sure you're familiar with vicious and real attacks, given the fact that your father seems to peddle them like a little kid selling lemonade. All behind the guise of Christianity, of course.

Doesn't quite smell like teen spirit, but it does smell like hypocrisy.

DrOakley said...


So sorry I left a comment on your blog. Evidently, some very small and pathetic people have nothing better to do in their lives than to track any comment I might make on line, hence, this brilliant person's arrival here. We banned this fellow from our chat servers a few weeks ago, so he is obviously frustrated. We are pretty sure we know who he is, and the irony is, if we are right, he has a real boat load of his own troubles in life he should be dealing with, his anger issues being only one of many.

As you noted, cowards are brave behind their keyboards, but, of course, though I take live calls regularly with a toll free number, you won't find folks like this ever facing me man to man. They know better. Sad, but there are many hateful, broken people out there who lash out at anything that reminds them of their failures, and this fellow is a prime example thereof.

Victoria said...

Summer-your Dad is an absolute hero of the Faith-and many of us have been blessed beyond the telling by his ministry for the Lord to us. I am so sorry that some ungodly person ended up finding your personal blog.