Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm Trying Out This New Thing,

& it's really embarrassing, but lately I've been drinking decaf.
Let me explain myself.

One afternoon, the week of the wedding, I was trying to clean the condo and get things put together and make it cute and clean and happy because I was in major nesting mode. I didn't feel great, but I figured it was stress/the million degrees outside/etc., when all the sudden I was knocked on my butt. I mean, couched. Couldn't get up. Sounds hurt, light hurt, I wanted to vomit, I felt like I couldn't move, I broke out into a cold sweat. I took an advil. When that didn't work, I took excedrin. When that didn't work, I took an Aleve.  And then it hit me: I hadn't had any caffeine. I tell Thad this and, appalled, we both go to Starbucks where I quickly consumed 46 ounces of various caffeinated beverages and within the hour, I felt like a human being again.

That being said, I clearly have a problem! I'll be hitting my 5 year anniversary with Starbucks on October 16th, and other than that day, not a day has gone by that I've existed without being caffeinated in those 5 years. Now, I've known that for a long time, but until now it hasn't bothered me. I've always thought, I'll quit drinking caffeine when I'm pregnant. Nothing short of pregnancy will stop me! That still may be true, but I suppose there's no reason not to slow it down a bit....

.....decaf just isn't the same. I still miss the sweet carress of a hefty shot of espresso in the morning, but all life is suffering, or something like that.

Thad had an awful day yesterday, &I got to experience firsthand the idea of our lives being "joined together" in that him being miserable made me miserable. I felt helpless so of course I called Sue. We decided that if we had a bad day, we'd want a massage and some chocolate. I knew this wouldn't do for Thad, or any male, really. So with Lane's help, I knew what video game to get him. But before you think I'm too shallow, what I really put effort into was praying for him. The Lord does answer prayer, because when he got back from his meeting he was definitely in a better mood.

The video game, the tomato-y beer and the spending time with me seemed to fix him up good and proper. So much so, that he didn't even mind watching Project Runway with me.

Speaking of prayer, who wants to suggest a good, Reformed book on the subject?


Susan said...

omg obsession. also sippin on my iced cinnamon dolce latte right now as I type this. didn't get a single eith...double rainbow.

Lane Chaplin said...

Glad it helped! A good "book" on prayer is in Calvin's Institutes (which you've probably already read). He spends more time on prayer than any other subject in the Institutes.

DrOakley said...

Tomato-ey beer? I don't want to ask.

Project Runway. FABulous. < gag >

I thought I gave everyone in the family a copy of the Valley of Vision, didn't I? Check your books, if not, I can get you one.

Calvin's section of the Institutes is indeed classic. I received a new Reformed work on prayer just recently, but it is at the office and I do not recall the name off the top of my head.

Advil, Aleve, etc...bad stuff. I am sorry I introduced you to that stuff. I used far too much of it until a few years ago. Had to take two Advil today on doctor's orders after oral surgery. I declined the "real" stuff, and hope I do not have to take any more. I strongly encourage you to get off the caffeine (stays in your system 21 hours) and discover that 1) water is a wonderful thing to drink, and 2) processed sugars are your body's enemy, and the great precursor to diabetes, a true national epidemic. Don't wait till your mid 40s to discover that a healthy body is a great blessing and something to be prized. :-)

---- the Old Man

janae said...

Umm...I never knew you were a Project Runway fan. I'm obsessed. So if there is ever a day Thad doesn't want to watch it with you...feel free to park your booty on my couch and watch it with me. k? thanks.