Thursday, January 12, 2012

When you have a grandma who throws nothing away,

you get to come upon these gems. I had the privelege of going through a few boxes of stuff she had kept over the years sometime in November. I laughed, I cried, I held the tshirt my dad played little league in that was so small it'd probably fit on my two year old nephew. Here are a few of my favorite gems:

My dad, being king of....the Hoover dam? I'm not sure. But check out those sweet kicks.

Pops again...he still makes this face when he's only mildly amused by something. So, typically, when I'm speaking.

UM?!?!?! HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A CUTER CHILD?!?!?! I love this picture so much I can't stand it. My dad's always been my hero, but just knowing that he was rockin' the straw hat, suspenders, and plaid since he learned how to walk adds to the amazingness.

Ah, my grandmother. Before she was Betty White and still Betty Summers. I spent several years sitting at the piano with her, and I'll throw on the CD I have of her playing her favorite hymns when I start to miss her something fierce that I'm tempted to wallow. Man that lady could play a piano!

My grandparents on their wedding day. PS Grandpa, you're sure a handsome devil!

The big bro and I. There's no date on it & I cant figure out where we were but that sure is a fancy orange sheet on that couch!

Anyhow I'm still unearthing some of the pictures I filched from grandma's boxes and boxes of stuff so there will probably be more to come.


DrOakley said...

I see you got the scanner working! :-) Glad to see it.


Summer Pinch said...

It's so easy to use!! Even mom could use it!