Sunday, February 26, 2012

Things I'm Thankful For:

With the protracted list of stressors on my days this week, I think its time for me to take a moment and list some of the things I'm really, really thankful for and that helped me thru this week (and in no particular order whatsoever) :

The condo
My car running
Andrew & Janae
A working hot water heater
Dr. Milbrandt
Being able to go back to school
My parents
Sue & Lane
Being able to see my brother
The weather (everything is worse when its 110 outside)
Advil PM
My iTunes library
My parents getting Thad & I to Ohio
Andrew & Janae (yes, again)
Thad cut his finger pretty badly, but he didn't cut it off
Free coffee, every day.
The people I work with
My homework load is heavy but I *love* it
I dropped my vaccuum down the stairs but it didn't break OR chip the hardwood (HOW did that work out??? Divine Providence.)
I'm never, ever stressed out at work (guaranteed six hours of a walk in the park)
I may go days without seeing Thad but I only had to go one night without hearing him snore
Dropped my phone several times & its still without a scratch
Sue called me at the precise moment I needed someone to vent to
Parks and Recreation. Seriously
My curling iron died but my hair straightener refuses to quit
$10 work shoes that look like converse and feel like walking on a cloud
Sweet hours of prayer
Epsom salt
How long it takes for checks to hit the bank (gross)
How close everywhere I need to be is to where I live
Hearing Aiden say "beba"
My last pedicure has lasted for FOREVER
Fry's sermon last Sunday night
How supportive Thad is of school
The Lord's continuing mercy, strengthening, grace, peace, and working out of all things for His glory.

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