Monday, February 20, 2012

Where oh where has February gone?

   I think I missed the majority of this month because I've spent so much of it not feeling well. I got sick the first week of February and stayed sick, despite nyquil/dayquil, vitamins/minerals, humidifiers, oil of oregano, sleep, and gallons of water, until 10 days later. I *still* have a cough that just won't quit. Of course I eventually passed the nasty flu on to Thad, who couldn't take a day off so he stayed under the weather for even longer (although without a word of complaint) and also still has a cough. We are just the picture of health around here these days.

  While I was sick and delirious, and hadn't gone outside in awhile, and was laying on the couch looking pathetic, Thad asked me if he could get me anything. I chose that moment to tell him about the overpriced but perfectly adorable side table from Target that I wanted. I felt my living room was missing *something* &when I saw this wonderfully blue side table at Target a few weeks earlier I wanted it so badly but could hardly justify spending SIXTY DOLLARS on a tiny wood table that was painted blue. Really, Target? $60? But in my head, which hadn't seen daylight in days, this blue side table was exactly what I needed. Of course, Thad obliged and was out the door in five and on his way to Target.
     I thought when he returned he would have something to say like-- "I didn't buy you that blue piece of wood that cost $60" or "You know you worked for 4 hours to pay for that table, right?" but instead he was all smiles. Apparently, he got the last one left! And not only that but it had no price tag on it. When he got to the register the lady asked him how much it cost, and he was honest. He told her $59.99. To make sure, she looked up "end table" in her register and it came back with the WONDERFUL price of $14.99. And she assured him it cost $14.99. So we got the last one they had for literally a fraction of the cost because the lady at Target was too lazy to look up this specific end table and decided to charge us for what some other end table cost. We did not complain. Here it is in all its glory:

And then I felt like it was missing something. A lamp, obviously! But...I don't really like lamps. I don't know why, they just give off a strange glow to me, and they all look the same! And by the time I searched etsy and found the perfect unique lampshade and lampstand I realized two things: I had put together a lamp that looked similar to an adorable one my sister-in-law Janae has (she has flawless decorating taste in my opinion), and it was going to cost me $70. So not only would it not have been unique, it wouldve been way outside of my budget. That was when I stumbled across HANGING MASON JAR LAMPS.

WHAT? I just lost my mind! Perfection. It was not out of my price range, ITS A MASON JAR, it doesn't give off that strange lamp-light that I dislike so much, and its different. So basically whilst I was not feeling well and had a million hours of homework to do, I sat under my mason jar and got it all done. Have I mentioned I love mason jars? I use them everywhere I can, like so:

And that's the complete tour of my obsession with mason jars. 

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