Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Defining Notes

You know how some things just define a period in your life? I never cease to be amazed at how smells and sounds can RUSH you back to a moment or a place. Smells especially can throw me back places that I don't even remember remembering.

That being said I stumbed upon an album today that is just throwing me back in all the right ways while still being new. For me, mewithoutYou was a defining piece to my high school experience; if I hadn't been listening to mewithoutYou, it would have been an entirely different experience altogether. Not quite the same and definitely not as magical. I do think that as teenagers we connect with music in a way that is never quite the same once our hormones calm. I don't think music ever has the same meaning that it has to any other age group like it has to a bunch of insane adolescents looking for an outlet or a way to express themselves outside of the lines of their parents. So I acknowledge that I could write a blog post like this about several different bands and almost mean the words just as ardently--almost.

mewithoutYou was a revelation to me. I did not know that music could be what mewithoutYou is until I first heard them sophomore year of high school. It changed everything for me. Sure I knew pop-punk and sure I owned your standard emo albums of the day (I still unashamedly listen to Juliana Theory, which is simultaneously unacceptable and totally awesome) but nothing like these guys.

I became attached to this band in a way I never was to any other band because at the age of 15 they meant something different for me. Their sound, their lyrics, even the way they conducted themselves live was so different than what everyone else was doing at the time. It was theirs.

Once their fourth full length album came out, they had experimented with their sound quite a bit, changed and evolved like I suppose all bands are supposed to do and I was, thankfully, less hormonal and more interested in blues and classic rock and country like I was raised to be and mewithoutYou and I all but parted ways except for the occasional iPod scroll back down memory lane.

For some reason today I was iTunes main page and saw their newest release and of course had to further investigate. I haven't followed the band for years and didn't bother to buy their last one but then I saw the first track, February 1878 and my interest was officially piqued. One of their best songs is of course January 1979, the title track of their second album:

And February 1878 does NOT disappoint as a follow up....or a twin....or a rebirth....whatever you wanna call it.

Basically mewithoutYou has officially done what I did not think possible: they have remained themselves but grown, and they have me listening to them now, despite the fact that I didn't think I'd ever be a current listener of the same bands I was back in the day. And basically this album has brightened my day and made me feel 16 again, if that's possible.

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