Monday, May 21, 2012

Our Little Pinch

    I am ten weeks pregnant today! I'd like to say the surprise has worn off, but it hasn't. We've known about the little one for almost a month now and I still have days where I question if it's all real. Of course, seeing the baby on the monitor at the ultrasound last week was pretty solidifying, but hearing his/her super crazy heartbeat was otherwordly. I know people have babies every day but it sounded like a miracle to me.
   Towards the end of April, I was about to make a call to a gynecologist my chiropractor recommended (because the pill I was on was FOR THE BIRDS) when I realized what the date was and realized something else. I took two pregnancy tests right then and there, and when they were both positive I was sure that that thing was happening to me that other people have told me about. Their stories go like this:

"When my wife was pregnant with [so and so] the first home test she took was negative."

"The first two tests I took were negative, but the third was positive."

"Never trust those home pregnancy tests, you're always bound to get a false negative."

   So obviously, I was getting two false positives, right? A trip to walgreens and two more positive tests later and I wasn't buying my own false-positive story anymore. I think I died several times waiting for Thad to get home. It was seriously the longest day of my life to date. His reaction, at first, was as though he had just run through a brick wall and was subsequently surprised by his own strength. We had to tell my parents right then and there, regardless of it being rush hour traffic and their living on the other side of town.
Bun in the oven!
  My mom is a twin and her twin has been a grandma for a few years now, which means that my mom has been all out of alignment for years. She has been very, very patient regarding her grandmotherhood status, only mentioning her need for a grandchild to me about 200 times. So of course, all 95lbs of her just dissolved in tears and I had to hold her. It is so cute when tiny things cry.
  Anyhow, our unplanned baby is definitely no-less loved than if we had planned it. We are over the moon. We spend a lot of our time daydreaming together about the baby. We cannot wait to find out in 8 weeks if we've got a boy or a girl, & we have our names picked out, too. I'm so impatient. I cannot believe I have to wait until December to meet baby. It seems like its just ages and ages away. I also can't believe how much I hate the smell of food, want to take 4 naps a day, and how suddenly aware I am of my own mortality. I have never, ever wanted to take more care of myself or eat the right things or just simply do the right things because I want my baby to be okay. I have never needed something to be okay like I need baby to be okay. It's still a very new feeling.
   Two other women in our church are due around the same time I am. It's so crazy. David and I grew up together and his sweet wife Julia and I are due five days apart. Three babies being due within a couple weeks of each other is the equivalent of a baby boom in our small group.
  So, stay tuned! I gotta run, it's time for my nap.

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rosemarie said...

I couldn't be happier for you, or your dad! He's beaming! I can see it right over the net!