Tuesday, May 29, 2012

When did that happen?

  Some lovely mama friends of mine have been encouraging me to take week-to-week pictures of my baby bump. I promised them that I would never, because A) I don't really wanna know how much I'm growing and B) who wants to remember that anyway? Well, I've been 'rest assured' that I will 'regret' it if I don't and since these mamas are much more mom-intelligent than I am, I have aquiesced. I was sure there was nothing to take a picture of, being that I still have TWENTY SEVEN whole weeks to go before I'm due, & then I looked down.

UM, when did that happen?? At first I thought it was definitely just the insane amount of pasta I had eaten the night before, until Thad poked it and said "That feels different." (We're very scientific about things around here) followed by, "It's all hard and stuff."

So there he or she is, 11 weeks and 1 day old, and hopefully feeling fantastic because I feel like a bowl of mush. The nausea usually lasts til noonish, which is typically when I get off work. Wonderful. But if everybody is right about the first trimester being the worst for this kind of thing, the good news is I've only got two more weeks of it!

Poor Thad has been worried sick that I'm on my deathbed, despite my assurances (and my Dr's assurances) that it's all completely normal. Bless his heart, he rushed home from work one morning because I wasn't answering my phone and he thought for sure I had passed out. But really my phone was just on vibrate. Unfortunately, on Saturday I went and blacked out and was reeeeally under the weather. He put me in bed with stringent instructions not to get up, and while I was sleeping he apparently had canvassed the internet and finally learned that the vomiting et al. is pretty standard and let me know that I wasn't dying. Glad we got that figured out.

On the subject of if we want a boy or a girl, the answer is neither, because we'd be just as happy with either! The truth is, at first I was just sure we were having a boy. I mean, I just knew. &then my mother's mother looks at me just so deadpan and says: "It's a girl. I'm never wrong." &then 15 other people tell me, it's a girl, I just know it. Well, golly, it's a bit overwhelming. And then Thad starts in on his "How are my girls today?" &now I just feel all discombobulated and have decided to stop thinking about it until the day before the sonogram can tell us and not a moment sooner!

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