Thursday, June 7, 2012

Breaking up is hard to do.

I haven't had caffeine since April 23rd. Of course I know the exact date that we broke up, it was a difficult's also the day I found out I was pregnant.

It was actually easier to let go of than I thought it would be, as even 'decaf' would upset my tummy. But over the past week, my morning sickness has transitioned into severe headache land. My food stays down but my head feels like it's bout to split. Not sure which I dislike more.

My headache this morning felt different though, it felt like the kind of headaches I used to get when I went too many hours into my day without coffee. So when I sat down at Oregano's to have lunch with my mama a few hours ago I went ahead and ordered ice tea, hoping the caffeine would help. I even put sweet and low in it, which is favorite sweetener ever and it's also not that good for you. I gave that up even before I found out I was pregnant but today I just really really needed my tea.

Ah, how to describe that first sip? Probably somewhat along the lines of an alcoholics first beer of the day, it was like meeting an old friend I hadn't seen in forever. It was how I imagine I will feel when Anita gets back from the next two months in Europe.

In case you're wondering, my headache = gone. This could be a bad thing, now that I know the magical fix to my pregnancy headaches is just a little caffeine, as a little caffeine always turns in to a lot of caffeine for me.

On another note, I had absolutely zero idea the response I would get to my last blog post. It was not a premeditated work, it was a vent I sincerely needed to place in a wiser place than on someone else's facebook comments section and thus causing more anger than I did in the first place by refusing to put man's sovereignty before God's in a public discussion that clearly wanted to only glorify man, and not God.

I've gotten not a few emails asking that I continue to blog in the vein of that last post, and I respectfully can make no promises on that front. I can get very fired up about Biblical issues (obviously) and do not claim whatsoever to be any sort of authority on the issues. The Bible should be the only authority Christians look to, and it is all I depend on for any kind of response I give. Occasionally I get lazy and text my dad asking for a point in the right direction but let's face it, you would too if you were me!

However, do expect a few blog posts with my thoughts on the work of Rachel Held Evans. I do believe that her leadership has a potentially dangerous and an unbiblical influence on her readers and my sincerest prayer is that she would use her widely read platform to give the glory to God.

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