Monday, June 4, 2012

This will probably offend you.

Maybe it's my dad's fault, or my church's fault, or nobody's fault but my own, but I have never for one day in my life been offended if someone has disagreed with me and today, given the interaction I've had with some folks, I'm feeling a bit like an anomaly.

I have always been taught that if you're gonna go on ahead and be a Christian, which BY NECESSITY means that you are going to offend a whole lot of people, that you should know a little bit about what the Bible says. There is nothing that annoys me more than Christians who couldn't tell you up from down or stand on one leg when it comes to what the Bible teaches and yet they are the first ones to shake their Bibles atcha and tell you some nice fluffy things like "Be nice." This is why I left "Christian" school. But I digress.

If you are a Christian, and you don't think doctrine is important, I would encourage you to go on ahead read the New Testament. The writers of your holy scriptures would not have spent as many pages and pages and pages as they did on doctrine if they didn't think it was important. The Lord would not have breathed the words of the NT into these writers if it wasn't important to Him. And if you claim to love the Lord then what is important to the Lord needs to be important to you.

Dear Chistians the Gospel is OFFENSIVE to the unbeliever. True Christianity makes unbelievers ANGRY and uncomfortable and if it doesn't then the Gospel that is being given is a watered-down fake Gospel. No sinner likes to hear that they are a sinner in need of salvation, it offends the unrepentant. And it's supposed to. And how!! how is it??? how is it that so many Christians today waste their testimony by attempting to make unbelievers COMFORTABLE in their sin? How can someone who claims to have a changed heart be so heartless in their witnessing to the unbeliever that they do not confront them with their sin?

I remember when I was younger, telling my dad that what the Mormons were doing by going door-to-door wasn't right and thank the Lord he put it in perspective for me: "If you saw me standing in the middle of the road about to be hit by a car, would you tell me?" and I said, of course I would. So he said, "Well the mormons think that when we die, we aren't going to a great place. And the best thing they can do for us, is set us on what they think is the right path. It's the most loving thing they can do, at least in their minds." Of course, we do believe that mormon doctrine is dangerous and yes, they are a cult. But you get the point.

Christians, if you believe that those who have not been joined with Christ are going to spend an eternity in hell, how can you look them in the eye and tell them "God is love"? The unrepentant do not even know the meaning of that word.

And beyond that, how is it that we have leaders in our churches who are not concerned with the spiritual growth of the people that come every Sunday and Wednesday and sit under their teaching? Why is it okay to let them sit in comfort and remain ignorant? Did not Paul urge those who have spent time knowing the Lord to not be as children in their understanding of the Lord?

We look around us at our nation and wonder---wonder at the murder of the unborn by the millions, wonder at the breakdown of the family and the building up and glamorizing of sin and I gotta tell you, I don't wonder.

It's no wonder. This is not some mystery.

This is judgment.

And where are the majority of our churches? Feeding baby-milk doctrine to adults who couldn't Biblically define the word "grace" if their lives depended on it.

I digressed again.

My original point was that I think it is important, now more than ever, that Christians be okay--no, be better than okay with being challenged and having to support what they SAY they believe in. What is the point in believing in something if you don't know why you believe it? And how is it okay for any christian to be so insecure in what they believe that the second a person comments or calls them out or presents a differing viewpoint than what they believe that they label it 'offensive' and fritter away with their bibles held tightly to their chests? Is that what Jesus did when he was challenged?


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Well said!

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AMEN!! You rock! #LOVEIT! - Emily

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Are you related to....Oh never mind-this just reminded me of a brilliant Christian apologist that I know ;-)

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