Monday, July 9, 2012

I feel absolutely terrible

for J. K. Rowling.

That is not to say that I cannot WAIT for her new book to come out & may or may not be obsessing over the release date. But it was only a matter of months ago that I mused outloud how I don't know how she could ever write again. I mean....she wrote a story, and because of it was at one time the richest woman in the UK. Despite not having written a word since 2006, she remains the 12th richest woman in the UK. All because of her story.

And a couple weeks ago I'm walking by a Barnes and Noble and see her new book advertised in the window:

I just can't imagine the pressure. And how slightly unfair is it that she's written 7 of the most popular novels of all time and yet her 8th may or may not be considered by millions of people to be a sophomore slump? everyone else like me and will like the book, no matter what?

Nerd problems.

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