Sunday, August 12, 2012

As Stevie Wonder would say, What the Fuss?

   So the second I announced I was pregnant I had mommy's a-comin outta the woodwork asking me if I knew yet whether or not I was going to cloth diaper. I had no idea that this was a major parenting decision to be made, much less with the fervor with which the concept was being expressed. Usually the question of whether or not I was going to was also accompanied with the insistence that I SHOULD, along with crazy eyes. Like this:

Typically I try to avoid all things that may or may not lead someone to accuse me of being a hippie, but much like shopping at Whole Foods or choosing to go with a midwife instead of a surgeon (aka obgyn), sometimes I just break my own rules. I'll admit, I was curious about the whole 'cloth diaper' thing, as I've seen some of the rags we use in my house. Yes, they are old cloth diapers from something like 1960 (don't judge my mom!) that really are just giant cloths. And you have to use PINS to close them. I mean, what is that about?

To top it all off, there's the part where I'm a total germophobe and the concept of actually KEEPING something that someone has POOPED on blew my mind. I have never in my life looked at something that had human waste on it and thought, how can I clean that and keep it forever? In fact I normally throw things away that have been even just modestly sneezed on.

But there was this thing nagging at me: the cost of diapers. I mean, could any more parents out there bemoan and be-cry, and just generally attempt to scare the life out of expecting parents with the cost of diapers? Please? Thanks. You'd think you were buying a house with the way I've had people look at me like I'm about to die. Their faces have said things to me like, Wow congratulations! You're having a baby! Get ready to have to apply for a second mortgage to afford those diapers!

So when I was in Georgia a few weeks ago and I got to see my Laura, my favorite person ever, fellow germophobe, and woman I just in general admire and want to grow up to be, she goes and whips out the crazy eyes and tells me how much she has loved using cloth diapers. Why yes, this was the tipping point. To basically know that someone even more averse to germs and smelly things than I would use the phrase "life-changing" in reference to cloth diapers piqued my interest.

I had a million questions like,

How do you wash those nasty turds?
What do you do with the poop?
Where do you keep them after they're soiled and before they're washed?
Why would you ever use your washing machine again?
Honestly, how bad do they smell?
You let poop sit in your room?

And she had perfectly logical explanations for all of them. No, really. I know it's hard to believe. She even showed me a cloth diaper that she had in her car (duh there was one in her car, she's a mom). It was perfectly white. Snow white. This thing has been soiled over and over and over and it's clean. It didn't even smell weird (don't ask). If you want to know if I'm making this up or not, here's someone explaining the cleaning process very thoroughly.

So basically between all of that, and the fact that my baby and I will be a one-income family for the next year and I won't have to sell my liver to pay for disposable diapers (just everything else the baby needs), cloth diapering seems like the way to go. Plus, please check out how cute these are:

The entire investment on cloth diapers is up front. Meaning, each diaper is about $17, and it looks like the average number the experienced mama's say they need is 20. OUCH. So basically I'm going to be asking that everyone that comes to my baby shower blesses us with one cloth diaper. Specifically the bumGenius 4.0. It grows with the baby, and I think the velcro ones don't stay in the best shape for as long. Hopefully that's not an annoying request and my ladies will understand why I'm asking for that.

So anyway, I don't quite have the crazy eyes for cloth diapers yet. Maybe it's because I haven't used them yet. We'll find out soon.

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Laura D'Arienzo said...

This made me smile! They are cute! And worth the investment. When I came home from NY I was so happy to put Matteo back in them. I spent like $15.00 on a pack of diapers in NY and I cringed lol. You will be happy with your decision. XO