Friday, August 3, 2012

Oh, Girl, Oh, Boy!

Had my 20 week ultrasound yesterday and boy was it adorable. Well, as adorable as black&white and fuzzy 3D pictures can be. I found out that having the right ultrasound tech can make all the difference. For the last ultrasound, I had a tech who was clearly more concerned about getting it over with than anything else, but yesterday I had a God-send. This girl was probably my age, and she loves her job. She wanted me to know what every picture was, and what she was checking out and why it was so important. She spent a lot of time on the peanut's heart and other organs and was just eager to share with me how healthy we're lookin in there! She sent me home with a disk with over 120 pictures on it!

Some of the cool things the tech told us:

+ Peanut's calves & arms appear really strong
+ The heart looks great, as well as the other major organs
+ The head is currently down
+ Peanut was her second baby ever to put the back of his/her hands to his/her forehead to hide
+ We look a day of ahead of schedule as far as the due date is concerned (however that is measured?)
+ My last ultrasound put me as a low risk pregnancy but after how we're looking now, the risk will be lowered even further

Peanut's face slightly from the side

Peanut's little face

This is the hand-to-forehead move

The four chambers of peanut's tiny heart

Cutest spine ever, right?

The thumbs up that leads me to believe the peanut may not have my tiny White hands//probably has Thad's hands

Peanut's profile
 And yes, we did find out the gender yesterday. My mom was with me and we both were just tearing up all over the place. When the lady asked if I had a name yet I had to let mom tell her because I was just too choked up. However, Thad is away right now and until I can share the gender with him, I just don't feel right about announcing it. He's the daddy and I think he should know before everyone else does. So as hard as it is for me to keep saying "Peanut" instead of the baby's name, or to try not to say "she" or "he", or as much as I just want to shout it from the ain't gonna happen yet. All I will say is that I am just over. the. moon. and as my mom and I were cruising Target last night, I was such a mess in the baby clothes section.

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Susan Chaplin said...

oh. my. I am beside myself right now. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. that's my squeeeel. So glad that my lil nephew Graham Yenser will be arriving a few months before lil Peanut so I can totally learn some Auntie tricks for when Peanut arrives. Sum. So awesome to see these pics, thanks for posting. Love you! Will call you as soon as I'm back in the states next week!!