Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Right quick,

Welcome folks, to my third trimester! I cried twice today, can no longer bend over without grimacing, can eat all day without skipping a beat, and am often interuppted during my day by a foot in my ribcage.

This little one is sooooo active! I was truly appalled about a week ago. I had no idea the kicks and wiggles could be so strong--no one told me it was like this!--and thought surely something had to be wrong. But no, I'm just a novice.

Is it strange that I can't get over the fact that my baby is swimming around in water right now? Is it weird that sometimes I feel like I'm smothering the baby?

Anyway, the big gender reveal is on its way! I will finally be able to share with my husband whether we're having a boy or a girl this Saturday, which means I'll then be sharing it with everyone! Which also means, yes, I'm hoppin on a plane to Georgia in just a few short days. If I can ask for your help again, please pray for safe and the most comfortable travel possible (I can't seem to get comfortable *anywhere* these days) but mostly pray that the Gospel be put on display through me this weekend. That is what I desire the most. (I also can't wait to get out of this 100 degree weather but that's secondary.)


Deb Martin said...

Look how cute you are! You are tiny compared to my whale-like frame, though! :) I will be praying for you as always! My biggest piece of advice for the plane: aisle seat! I flew when 7 months pregnant during the first pregnancy and I kept having to ask this poor old lady to get up so I could go to the bathroom...awkward!! So excited for you to see your husband again, and so excited for the big reveal!

Summer Pinch said...

haha you're too funny. "whale like"....that's how I feel everytime I have to sit/stand/walk/lay down/get up. And yes....I will def be asking for that aisle seat!!