Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Second Most Difficult Blog Post I'll Ever Write

Dear blog readers,

I do not know who you are. I know you're pretty faithful, and I appreciate that. So this is why it's so difficult for me to write what I'm about to.

The end of June through this very day have been the darkest days I have ever endured. Some of you know the story, and some of you don't. The simplest breakdown I can give right now is this: My husband will be here for the next 9 months: No Longer Bound. I am hoping that this is the 2nd most difficult blog post I ever write because a year from now, with the Lord's hand, we will arrive safely on the other side of this darkness and I hope that we can be a testimony to His work, and we can share our story with other families affected by addiction.

Until then, I am very much a struggling servant of the Lord. Thankfully, my wonderful parents are providing food and shelter to my baby and I while Thad is away and I am a single-income parent. They also provide love and emotional support that is and will continue to be invaluable as Thad will not be here for the arrival of our child. 

I am writing this all to ask for a blessing. I found out today that I have been dropped from my insurance due to not having worked a sufficient amount of hours between June and now. Unfortunately, I am only physically capable of working part-time with the pregnancy, and the month of July and much of August was put on hold in an effort to get Thad sober and into the right program. Between the baby's prenatal visits, and Thad's trip to the ER, I have over $15,000 in medical bills staring me in the face. 

I applied for something called COBRA benefits today, which means a $300 a month payment to apply coverage to the months that I was uncovered. However, that payment equals half of my monthly income and I will not be financially capable of continuing to pay for that coverage.

I am uncomfortable asking for financial support. I like to work and earn my wage. So instead I must thank God that he is using these life events to teach me some humility. Obivously, the Lord knows I need it. Furthermore, I find myself capable of doing things now that I have someone else to look after that I would not have been able to do before, and not having medical coverage for my child well....as a mom, that spurs me on to try any avenue to remedy the situation possible. 

If the Lord so moves you to bless us in this way, I am humbly and with more gratitude than I can express, adding a button that would allow any size donation to be made possible on the right hand side of the page.

Please know that any dollar amount will be put strictly towards re-establishing medical coverage for my baby and I and towards our medical bills.

All for His glory,



Deb Martin said...

My heart broke for you reading this. I will be praying for your family daily, and I will do everything I can to find a way to help you out! If you do ever get a registry figured out, please post the link, and if you need any advice, I am currently pregnant with little boy #2, due in December (I think your dad said you were due in December as well). Your faithfulness and love for your husband and God is so inspiring, and I hope that you hold onto it, as things will only get harder from here. I know you don't know me, but I mean it when I say I'm here for you if you need me.

Summer Pinch said...

I am due in December! Boy I can't wait. I had no idea what to put on my registry when I put it together but I feel pretty okay with it now. If you have any suggestions, I am ALL ears. I love getting free mommy advice. :) And thanks for your support, it means a lot. :)


Deb Martin said...

Hmmm that link sent me to create my own baby registry. Maybe look on the registry to see if there is a friendlier link, as opposed to copying and pasting what is in the address bar?

Deb Martin said...

Oh nevermind I searched by your name and found it. Yay!

Parmly Volunteers said...

Summer, check with your local human services and see if they offer WIC (Women, Infant, Children). You can get some help with your groceries during your pregnancy and first several years of your child's life- and for you, too if you nurse. Also, check and see what kind of state funded insurance programs your state has. I know many will offer coverage for children if the parents can't afford insurance. And sometimes they will cover parents too. In this time, being able to survive on the resources available is as much a blessing as having a steady income and benefits. The Lord Blesses as He sees your needs. I struggled financially during my last pregnancy, as I was unemployed, and my husband switched careers. (I went on WIC and also energy assistance for our heat and electric) We now make 2/3 what we used to, and we are doing fine. (Praise God for His mercies!) May you know His grace and His faithfulness through this difficult time. Many blessings to you!

maria said...
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Karen Russell said...

Hi Summer,

A friend of yours left a post about your needs on FB and I told him I would pray for you and see if I could help you in some way. We are struggling too but I will try. If you can, try to see if you can qualify for medicaid and WIC. Medicaid in my state goes back three months and pays your medical bills plus your current ones. Even if you don't qualify, your baby might. That way, when your baby is born, all of his/her medical expenses are taken care of. It can be a big help and you should feel no shame in asking for help. You are working now and you have paid into these programs so let them help you for a change. :) WIC is great! For you it provides milk, beans, tuna, peanut butter, juices, eggs, etc. When the baby comes it will cover 30 cans of formula a month and as the baby grows it will buy cereals and baby food. I know no one likes to seek public assistance but when you have to, you have to. I have three children and when I had my second, I had to ask for this kind of help. I qualified and it was a blessing not to have to worry about the medical bills and baby formula. You're going through a rough time right now. You need all the help you can get. I will pray for you and your baby and your husband, and I'll see what I can do on payday. It may not be much but every little bit helps! God bless you sister! May He comfort you with His peace.