Tuesday, October 23, 2012

32 weeks and definitely counting

     Being thirty-two weeks pregnant has brought all kinds of new challenges so far this week. People weren't lying that the second trimester is sort of like a pregnancy "honeymoon." These past couple weeks here in the third trimester have been replete with dizziness, difficulty breathing, silliest appetite, crazy emotions, waddling, and some other details I'll save the general public from. Going to work and being on my feet for six hours is now something I have to mentally prepare myself for, because it's not pretty. Or pleasant. Or remotely enjoyable.

   All that being said, I'm so thankful this little one is in good health and all my aches are your typical pregnancy complaints. God is good.

   Once again, and with the help of some wonderful people, I'm able to head to Georgia this weekend. It's a funny thing to not be sure if I'm excited to go. This last trip I got that question a lot, "Are you excited?" and the answer was a definite "no." I didn't know what to expect from my first visit with Thad and "excitement" was low on the list of emotions.

   I'm excited this time, for sure. The excitement is there. I miss Thad like only someone who's been separated from their husband for months with only snail mail for the occasional comfort can miss their husband. They actually don't make a word for this kind of missing, at least not one that I know about. But the truth is, after we part ways this time, we will not hear or see each other for minimally four months. And during those four months I'm going to deliver our little one, endure the holidays without him, and turn 24.

   At this moment, it feels emotionally insurmountable. It keeps me up at night. I can't talk about it outloud. I'm going to need a lot of encouragement.

   What's great is that I get to visit Thad for two weekends. This upcoming weekend is going to be great, because our friends are renewing their vows Sunday evening AND Thad gets to go. During the week I will be staying with hands down one of the best families in existence, The D'Arienzo's. I haven't gotten to spend time with Laura--who I can only best describe as my long lost sister--in literally years. On Wednesday, I get to connect with the mother of one of Thad's closest friends in the program and she and I will be going to church with the guys from NLB. Basically my ten days in Georgia are stacked full of blessings.

   My mom and sister in law are currently in cahoots planning my baby shower, which is going to be November 16th. I've never had a baby shower before obviously but I'm pretty excited to have lots of my favorite women together in the same room to celebrate my new favorite woman, little Clemenbaby. (Nickname her father uses? Clemskidoodles. We're in trouble.) So if you're a woman and you like my baby, you're totally invited (formal invites haven't gone out yet). I know probably to the chagrin of a few, I decided to register on Amazon. I didn't go with Target or Babys R Us or any of that because I think baby products can be grossly overpriced and also I'm picky. So far, no one has seemed to annoyed with my choice of registry, which you can find here.

   I have never been more excited to meet someone in my life. I dream about this girl. I adore her daily. I can't wait to snuggle her. I can't wait for other people to meet her. She's so buff these days, I feel her wiggling and squiggling and kicking me all the time and I LOVE IT!

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Deb Martin said...

Whew, you are much more upbeat about pregnancy than I am! I hated it the first time around, which was infinitely less painful than this pregnancy has been, so you can imagine how I feel about it now...but the end result is so worth it! :) I don't know how you can do it standing for 6 hours at a time! Take any chance you can get to sit down and rest! I'm so thrilled that you're able to make it out to see Thad again! Make the most of every minute of it (like I have to tell you that)! Can't wait to see pictures of little Clementine!

PS I got your thank you card--adorable! Thank you!