Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My New BFF

   Yesterday was National Autism Awareness day and in honor of that, I wanna tell you a little about my new best friend, Eddie.
   Eddie is the brother of the family I'm living with and he lives here too. I hate to use the stereotype but he's a little like Dustin Hoffman's character in Rain Man. He's incredibly smart and socially unaware. For the past three days, every morning he has come upstairs and we've chatted for a bit. I've learned lots of interesting things, like everything you've ever wanted to know about Haley's comet, what the weather is going to be like thru the weekend, what's going on in the case of a missing girl in Florida, what year it will be when Clementine is old enough to start school, what year it will be when she graduates, and what the jackpot at Bingo on Tuesday night was. He's really very interested in the mail, so when I was headed down to the mailbox to drop something off, he insisted on taking it for me.
   All this to say, I really enjoy our interactions. Every time we hang out I can't help but marvel at what a wonderful thing the human mind is. I'm sure some people would look at me sideways when I say this, but how can you talk to someone whose brain works like Eddie's does and not clearly see a Creator? It is so maddening to me to live in a society that would look down its nose at his quality of life--a society that approves of the murder of the unborn based on some wild-eyed assertion that those with disabilities  are unfit to live.
   Eddie has disabilities but his mind is capable of things my mind will never be. He's a blessing to be around. He helps me slow down. When I watch him enjoy waiting for the mailman, it reminds me to enjoy the little things. When he continues to talk to me about bingo for the rest of the week, it's going to encourage me to find joy in the mundane. Eddie is better at these things than I am, and I can learn from him.

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rosemarie said...

Ours is such a society of contractions. If you're disabled and survive your mother's womb, we honor you by giving you a special place to park. Great post, Summer. I'd be happy to send your new BFF a postcard so the mailman brings something especially for him.