Thursday, May 30, 2013

Big Ole Fat Rain!

   Holy smokes, Batman! Thad has been home for 2 weeks now! It feels like much longer, in a good way. We took the first week to settle in. Snuggle baby. Snuggle each other. Breathe. Adjust. Take it easy. I worked some of the time, and Thad and Clementine got to spend some time alone together. He became a champion bottle-warmer, cloth diaper changer & laundry man, and teething toy.

Oh yes, this poor little baby is teething like a maniac. Girlfriend lives to chew. And drool. And chew some more. Thankfully she's only spent one night being miserable and having a hard time sleeping, although she has been waking up more frequently on a consistent basis. The poor thing. Cutting teeth is hard work!

Anyway, Thad had an interview a week ago Monday and it went fan-tas-tic. They hired him on the spot. When we told them that the hours wouldn't work for us (three 12 hour shifts over the weekend) they offered to fire the guy working Mon-Fri so Thad could have his position. Of course I never doubted for a second that any print shop he'd walk in to would want him, but we didn't really expect this response. Honestly, the guy has only ever interviewed for a job once (Starbucks!) and so this whole interview thing is new, scary territory.

A lot of people have looked at us sideways when we've told them that we didn't take the job. Don't worry, we took a good, long, sideways stare at the decision, too. But, when we left No Longer Bound and they offered him a job to work in their print shop (NLB Studios) we said yes, knowing it would be a short-term (very, very short-term) gig. They know they can't pay him what he's worth and we know that, too. So a lot of people have put pressure on us when it came to this decision--and we get it. Why would we, when we're in such a terrible financial state, take a low-paying job when a good-paying job is being handed to us?

Well, first things first, we told NLB we would work there for awhile. Secondly, we both like the idea of him being there and continuing to be around all his brothers--yea, that's what they call each other--while he transitions from being a man in a program to a man with a family. God is at work at NLB, there's no doubt about it. It's a great place to be. Maybe not for the wallet---but definitely for the soul. The Mullin's aren't kicking us out of their beautiful home yet so we have some time. Not a whole lot of time but....some. So we're taking it.

The blessings keep pouring in. As we've been sitting down and taking a good hard look at our finances, we've tried to find room in a pinhole for both a second vehicle and a crib (poor baby girl has been sleeping in a pack-n-play for months). We both kinda threw up our hands at the situation because we weren't going to be able to afford either. And then, in a flash, God handed us both.

Last weekend our neighbor two doors down GAVE us a crib, complete with a brand new mattress. Just like that.

Last week the church we've been attending (Grace Fellowship of South Forsyth, check them out, it's real good stuff) offered to sell us a vehicle for $1. One. Dollar. A great, in-better-condition-than-our-current-vehicle '99 Maxima. We are just left speechless. God is just providing for us at every single turn in ways that we couldn't even begin to come up with on our own.

So our plan is to stay at NLB Studios for about a month or so before Thad starts to interview again and we find the right fit for us. We really want to stay in the area, both because we're so close to No Longer Bound & Grace Fellowship. God has and is using both places to sustain us in such big ways we can't imagine being apart from either place for the time being.

We hung out with Uncle Dan for Memorial Day. Clemskidoodles loved it.


Deleting said...
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Deb Martin said...

So happy for you! God's provision is so breathtaking sometimes!

Also sometimes the best paying jobs are not necessarily the best jobs. We have learned that recently, as we made the decision to have my husband leave his job to stay home with the boys and do home preschooling with our 3 year old. God has blessed this decision and we feel no regret, even with a tighter budget. So I support you and Thad's decision for him to work at the NLB print shop. I pray that God continues to bless him and your family in his new role!