Sunday, August 11, 2013

The little things.

  I probably shouldn't be blogging because I have nothing to blog about but I am just so happy over the little things right now I can't help myself.

    Clementine has started to crawl (although in my head I've always thought "crawling" was being up on your hands and knees....she definitely prefers to army crawl--she's tough like that) so the baby-proofing has begun. It's amazing how many times a day I have to say "don't eat that" as she clearly prefers cardboard, wood, table legs, shoes, feet, and boxes over all the colorful appropriate-to-chew-on baby toys that she has.

This is a Tamagotchi still in its box that my Dad bought me as a joke last Christmas. Clementine loves the cardboard.
  She has also found her voice, as she her cry is no longer a whine, its more of a little-girl scream. Not that she cries a lot....just when it takes too long to get the next spoonful in her mouth or the once a night that she now wakes up.

Yep, she's only waking up to eat once a night now (usually). It. Is. So. Nice. I wish I felt more rested (oddly I don't) but in comparison with the d  e  s  p  e  r  a  t  i  o  n  that is having to be up every two hours at night with a baby, this is a cake-walk. I still believe that no matter how much harder motherhood gets, facing it with several consecutive hours of a sleep at night puts the odds ever in my favor.

  I owe Clementine's sleeping to my dear friend Kelly, who rescued me when I started Clementine on solids and she was beyond constipated. I mean like, screaming in pain hadn't gone in 6 days constipated. My sweet friend Kelly in her sweet southern accent said to me, "I can't believe how pediatricians tell people to feed their kids these days. I didn't do a thing that they said to do and my kids ate great and were never constipated. I'll give you this baby food recipe and if she's still constipated in a few days, she needs a specialist, that's all there is to it."
   So she gave me the recipe, which involved several food items doctors these days say to never feed a constipated baby, as well black eye peas (blech!). And wouldn't you know it? Clem was back to normal in a matter of days. We call it the Magical Mush because it is magical to have a baby that eats well, eats a lot, and is never constipated. Not only that, she's getting fuller during the day so she's sleeping a go-zillion times better at night. If you aren't a parent, you can't yet understand just how magical all of the above is.

  On the subject of magic, we went to IKEA this weekend. We're livin on a shoe-string budget but we did some budgetary breakdancing and made room for a few home improvement items, the biggest one on my list being a home for our books. As we made our way through the IKEA in Atlanta, we kept finding bookshelves we liked and it seemed as though we kept finding cheaper and cheaper ones so we madly scribbled out the last item number we had just written on our slip to write down the new one on the cheaper ones....until finally towards the end we found these adorable shelves that were on clearance for next to nothing. UNFORTUNATELY it's been a year since I've seen all our books lined out so I sorely underestimated just how much shelf space we'd need.

So....oops. I see something very DIY-ey happening in the future to find a home for the rest of these. I'd really like our cute hallway to start being a hallway instead of a tripping hazard.

I also found a coffee table. Maybe it's ridiculous, maybe it's unneccessary, but I saw it and fell in love with it and I've never owned my own coffee table, it's been a silly and never-spoken-about dream of mine to have a coffee table and as my feet are kicked up on it right now I know that the addition of this coffee table into our home life was not a mistake. I can't even stop writing "coffee table" I'm so happy about this stupid thing.

  Thad starts work at 10 in the morning (most mornings) so we get to spend our mornings together and it. is. wonderful. I love going to bed and looking forward to waking up, both because I get to sleep until the morning and because I get to spend a few hours with both of my Pinch's together. We have become quite the bacon-and-egg connoisseurs and we have ghetto-rigged the perfect way to brew iced coffee overnight so basically it is domestic heaven.

  Anyway I leave with you this picture of Clementine. This is what we do in the mornings--laugh because our daughter's hair sometimes makes her look like Dwight Schrute.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Home Sweet Home

  It's been a crazy few weeks round here. We moved into our apartment last weekend and I feel like I haven't sat down since then! I can't even explain the excitement that has been mine since obtaining my own four walls. I spent exactly a year living in other people's homes. I had a baby living in my parent's home and have shared a room with Clementine since her birth.
   Don't read me wrong, the shelter Clementine and I were provided while Thad was at No Longer Bound was 100% a blessing. Both my parents and then the Mullins made their homes our home while we stayed with them, but there is nothing quite like having your own space. It's really nice to leave a dish in the sink without feeling like I am being disrespectful to someone else's home. Doing the laundry on my own time, with my own water is freeing. Leaving my purse lying around any old where I want to is relaxing. You (or at least I) never quite realize what a blessing it is to inhabit your own space until the space you inhabit is not your own. Every time I use my own shower without regard to how much time I'm taking or whether or not the floor gets wet, or I put Clementine down for the night and I am free to keep my voice above a whisper and I don't have to creep around my bedroom--because I have my own bedroom!--I feel as though God is giving me a gift (and let's face it: He is).

   My struggle right now lies in the fact that it is so new and so exciting to have my own space that my own space is all that's taking up space in my thoughts. I've really had to check myself here. All I think about is how to get this or that done--what will be more cost effective, making my own curtains or searching around craigslist and the like to purchase them? How can we budget enough money to purchase bookshelves? (There are approximately 500 books sitting on the floor right now, talk about KILLING me!) I never got to nest when I was pregnant--never got to make a nice space for my baby. Now that I have a nursery, I want to make it nice and happy and airy and pretty for my baby. I'm researching the price of crib bedding and figuring out how to upcycle the cute (but somewhat drab) dresser we were given for her. Delayed nesting = intense nesting.

   So this morning, after Thad left for work and Clementine went down for a nap and I was left to my own devices, I felt the stress come upon me as there are a million things I want to do all at once but neither have the immediate time or funds for. I decide to start working on one area (hanging up the clothes for example) and when I end up in the kitchen for a cup of coffee, start wondering how I make the kitchen look nicer. While in the middle of this I realized I'm spending more of my thoughts on where to hang this or that than I am in fellowship with God. Where the heck is my prayer life right now? Dear Lord, please help me find cheap bookshelves? Dear Lord, thanks for providing this great washer/dryer set, now please provide me with a set of curtains? How sad and embarrassing to admit!

   I know I can't be the only woman to be guilty of this which I guess is why I am sharing it. Here I am sitting and obsessing over the little things, when God has provided all of the important things AND THEN SOME. When we couldn't afford a crib, He provided. When we couldn't afford a car, He provided. When we couldn't afford a washer/dryer, some nice person donated them to the NLB Thrift Store and they sold them to us for next to nothing.

  Most importantly, a year ago when everything seemed lost, He threw us on His back and climbed us out of the pit. Thad and I have each other. Clementine has us. Talk about provision.

  So my goal today is no longer to organize the closet or find a good spot on the floor for all the books, but to remember and be glad that as much as I love my new home sweet home, my real home sweet home is not here on earth. It is eternal, secured for me by Christ, and more valuable than any material object I could ever attain. And if I am to hang curtains or organize a closet or make a sweet space for my sweet baby, it is to glorify God by blessing my family.