Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Miley Cyrus just GETS it.

   After saying that what she did at the VMAs wasn't "planned", Miley Cyrus triumphantly points out that since we're all still talking about it a month later, her 'plan' worked. Thank you Miley for that wonderfully insightful explanation. And you're right, it did work. Much like a trainwreck, I have had a hard time looking away. When a video of her interview with Matt Lauer popped up on my feed today, I wanted to continue to watch the trainwreck.

  Lauer, of course, asked all the questions you would expect a hardball journalist to ask, like "Do you always intend on putting this sexual side on display?", "How old do you think I am?", "Do you have a five year plan?" and "How did hosting Saturday Night Live go?"

   Look folks, Miley Cyrus is not special in terms of what she's doing. She's not wearing a lot of clothes--if you can call them that--and she's parading around on stage doing something called "twerking", which up until now I understood to be something mules did in heat. Why she's getting so much attention for doing it, I'm not sure. The fact of the matter is, Miley Cyrus gets it. If we're nothing more than overgrown monkeys, there's no reason to act any differntly than she is. If there is no moral absolute, nothing ultimate by which to judge right and wrong, what's the big deal with what she's doing?

   She played out her secular humanisitic viewpoint beautifully when she said, "For me, the most important thing is being a really good person and that doesn't depend on what you do on stage, that depends how you treat people when you're off stage and I know how I treat people so, I'm not really too worried.....My parents have always been just about being really who you are and figuring it out."

  The question I would LOVE to ask her (and all of my secular friends) is "What is a 'really good' person?" What do you have to do to be "good"? What is the magic of being on a raised platform that means that whatever you do on stage does not factor in to who you are as a person? This is ridiculous. If you murdered people for fun on stage would that be okay because when you stepped off stage you were kind to the arena's janitors? If you think that's a silly question then you'd have to admit maybe some things should and shouldn't be done on stage. Who gets to say where the line is? Why is a line being drawn? Is there a right and wrong? Are you a good person who doesn't commit heinous acts or are you not? How in the world can a matter of geographic location (on stage/offstage) determine a moral truth?

   What Miley calls "art" is sticking her behind parts in people's faces. Her musical 'art' includes lines about doing drugs in a bathroom stall. I must have missed the day in my modern art class where we went over this material. Last I knew drug abuse leads to nothing but misery and death, but why can't it be "art"? When your morals are based on your feelings, and drugs feel good, and I mean--its not like she does drugs on stage, she's encouraging the use of them behind bathroom doors, but if she did do drugs on stage, that would be okay, because your character doesn't depend on what you do on stage, right? Wait, I'm lost....

   Back to what I was saying: Miley is not special. She is just a highly publicized example of what our culture believes. Do what you want as long as you're basically "nice"--whatever nice means. Of course she can't follow that logic anywhere (I'm using the term "logic" very loosely here). When she says her parents are "just about being really who you are" she of course is very, very wrong. I'm sure her parents would not encourage her to be who she "really is" if she wasn't making millions of dollars. I'm sure her parents would protest if she was being "herself" and herself was someone akin to Jeffery Dahmer. He was, after all, just being himself. His impulses and desires were pretty horrific but they were definitely true to himself, something that Miley over and over in her interview kept impressing upon the audience as important. Being yourself--no matter how offensive or pornographic it is--is SO imporant that it doesn't mater what the "haters" think. This kind of moral relativity is so idiotic, so blatant, I can barely get my thoughts out straight.

   We should not be surprised. We know how our culture thinks. Their hearts beat (or so they think) for themselves. There is no right and wrong. There is no moral absolute. Their god is themselves. Miley Cyrus grasps that and lives accordingly.