Monday, November 11, 2013

Day 8. Fresh Market, where have you been all my life???

Less than 2 miles from my front doorstep is the mecca of all health food stores. *Cue the angels singing*:


How have I never learned about this before? UGH SERIOUSLY!? It's like Whole Foods, minus the hippies, plus cheaper prices and mood lighting. You woulda thought I walked into Disneyland I was so giddy walking into this place today. Did I mention its less than 2 miles away?

Yep. Less than 2 miles away.

So basically my 21 day detox just got way more funner (because 'way more funner' is a totally grammatically correct thing to say). 

I'm doing fantastic. I have yet to consume sugar but I did just notice that gum is not allowed on this diet. So, uh, oops. I've chewed gum. But since I haven't eaten any of the insane amounts of cake or pie or cookies Thad brings home from No Longer Bound every weekend, we're gonna just overlook my gum slip-up. Because let's be real. I'm killin it.

I made beef jerky today and it is delicious. The problem is, it's so good it's hard not to eat all of it in one sitting. And the thought of eating $10 worth of food in one sitting literally makes my stomach turn. Ain't nobody in this house got money for that!! 

Today I ate

Lunch--Salmon/avocado/cabbage salad
Dinner--spaghetti squash/chicken/tomatoes/garlic, onion, spinach

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