Monday, November 4, 2013

I'm going through a breakup...

&it's with sugar. 

 Now I know that we've all had it just about up to here with having to hear people talk about their paleo/primal/blahblah/crossfit/I'msocool lifestyles, so I don't want this to be another blog post about that. I'm actually writing this blog post for me. 

I won't be waxing eloquent on how sugar is injected into all kinds of everything that we find in the grocery store today (seriously, why is sugar the number 2 ingredient in every single package of beef jerky??) because if you want to read about that, people with degrees and such have written plenty about it.

I'm giving up sugar for 21 days because I believe that I am completely addicted to it. I crave sugar and carbs. I am on a blood sugar roller coaster day in and day out, and I want to hit the reset button, if you will, on my food cravings and ultimately change the way I use food. (If you wanna see someone stress-eat a pint of ice cream, jump in your time machine and hang out with me almost every single day this past summer.) 

This is not a "diet" in terms of counting calories or a goal of weight loss (I don't own a scale and I don't plan on ever owning one). This is a way to flush out toxins that have built up, bolster my immune system, and help out my poor little liver. 

All that being said, I'm going to blog about it for my own accountability. How utterly embarrassing if in two days, or ten days, I have to admit that I just couldn't do it. I'm going to use my blog to challenge myself and keep a record of how I'm feeling, what I'm eating, and just how grumpy I am because I really want some Nutella.

Today was Day 1.

I ate:

Cabbage and pepper salad
Beef jerky (sans sugar...because I made the dreaded trip to Whole Foods)
Ground turkey with bell peppers in lettuce wraps
The absolute WORST dessert ever conceived of (because it had no sugar): Chocolate/almond cups

Seriously though, these "chocolate" almond cups were disgusting.  The cool thing was that after a day without sugar, they actually tasted a little sweet (mostly bitter) and after two bites I was full. Or completely grossed-out. Not sure which. 

I'm actually feeling clear-headed. After the nasty chocolate almond things (that I had to make from scratch) I can happily say that I am NOT craving anything sweet. Typically I crave sweets every. single. night. like clockwork, so I'm pretty stoked that I am not currently raiding the fridge for something sugary. My slight headache and complete exhaustion are probably due to being up late with baby, then being up early with baby, and then hanging out all day with grumpy baby, so I can't say that those things are due to a change in diet. 

My friend that has done this 21 day plan before says Day Four was the hardest for her, so I'm not ready to get all trigger happy on this thing and declare victory. This could be an interesting ride. Heck, check back here tomorrow and I could be singing a very different tune!


Kaitlyn Facista said...

You can do it!

Vicki Voss said...

I'm proud of you! Git 'er done!