Monday, November 25, 2013


    WELP my 21 day detox is over and I'm happy to say that what everyone else said about it is true: I don't feel like going back! I didn't wake up this morning (day 22) and think, yes I can have sugar! I woke up thinking about eating all the foods that I have been eating because I feel won-der-ful. I guess it's a bonus that my clothes are fitting looser but I don't own a scale and wasn't planning on weight loss with this whole thing. My goal was to be healthy and I sure feel like I'm on my way there.
   The food I have been eating can be filed under "paleo" or "primal." I don't know the difference and that's also something I don't care to look into. I have been fighting fighting fighting the whole paleo thing because I find the intensity and superiority complexes of those who follow the diet to be incredibly obnoxious.
   The catch is that since eating this way, I have felt healthier, clearer, more energetic....blah, all the things these people tell you eating paleo does for them has been true for me.
  One of my main problems with the whole paleo thing is that it's based on the idea that our caveman ancestors had it "right" when it comes to food. Well I don't really know about all that...our lifespans are longer than that of the caveman and I'm not completely anti modern medicine.
   From a biblical standpoint, I can't help but believe that our bodies were designed to eat food....not packaged, processed, chemicals that taste like food. I am convicted that doing anything that goes against our design is typically bad for you--and that covers a lot of ground, not just food. [Think: biblical marriage.] I also think that obsessing over food can quickly turn it into an idol. So that is not my goal either. I don't want to go to the grocery store and spend hours reading ingredient lists and forfeit time that I could be at home with my with most things in life, I'm attempting to find a balance.
  All that being said, for me, eating "paleo" may be more about swallowing my pride than puffing myself up because I'm so cool for eating a certain way....instead it may be more about dropping my judgments and following my convictions.

  We had the privilege of helping a friend get to No Longer Bound last week. He and his beautiful wife and wonderful baby stayed with us and it was stupid-fun watching two one year old girls run the house for a few days. Clementine is obsessed with other babies and this was no exception.

   It was definitely strange--and awesome--and weird--and amazing how our friend Allan helped Thad get to NLB 5 months after Allan graduated the program, and then Thad helped our friend get to NLB 5 months after he graduated the program. God is so cool.
  It was also a huge privilege for me to be there for my friend after her husband was accepted. It was astounding to watch her strength and grace through such a tough week. Despite the incredible head on her shoulders, I am still able in small ways to throw some nuggets of truth and "experience" at her, even though I personally think she is in a way better place emotionally than I was when I was in her shoes (really, this girl is strong! I have been blessed by just witnessing it!). Thad and I look forward to hosting her and her daughter again so she can visit her husband while he's in the program (they are not from Georgia) and I'm planning on talking her in to moving here. I've already started the process by taking her to visit our church. Really, who wouldn't want to live here just to attend this amazing church?

  Poor Thad was sick all week last week. He wasn't able to recover quickly because he was working 10-11 hour days with a fever, and he had short nights on top of it.
  I rarely cease to be in awe of how great of a Dad he is. Even though I worked from Friday night until Saturday afternoon, I never had a moment of "I wonder how Thad and Clementine are doing?" because they are doing awesome. Thad knows her schedule, reads her sleepy cues, rocks the cloth diapers like a champ, keeps her entertained, knows how to make her Magical Mush recipe without even thinking, and somehow manages to do things like dishes, laundry, and bed-making while taking care of her. She thinks he is hilarious and is incredibly content and rarely fussy when he is her main caretaker. It basically melts my heart.

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