Sunday, January 5, 2014

A lot of pictures to make up for my lack of writing.

   Life has been so crazy//interesting//busy//great//intense the past little bit that I haven't had the time or energy to sit down and write. So, to be brief, and starting with my trip to the ER....
    I don't typically visit doctor's offices. Heck I didn't even find a doctor during pregnancy (seriously, midwives are the way to go!). I usually avoid seeing a doctor at all costs--but I was in such pain a few weeks ago that it couldn't be avoided. I started feeling ill around 3 in the afternoon. Within a few hours I was doubled over in agony. Everything in my midsection was in stabbing pain. I wanted to just wait it out and see what would happen, and maybe if I was single or not a mom, I would have. We just couldn't tempt it, in case my appendicitis or something else had ruptured. We called the Voss's around 8pm and asked them to come stay with Clementine (who thankfully was asleep) so we could head to the hospital. (Have I ever mentioned that we have the best church family ever? Cause we do.)
  So, after a few hours of waiting, being poked and prodded (unsuccessfully I might add, since no nurse on the face of the planet can get a vein on the first try with me), pumped full of zofran and morphine, and going thru a CT scan, the doctor said: "Your white blood cell count is raised, which is an indicator of something, but we don't know what. Please go see a specialist." We were discharged at 230am.
   This was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, so said specialist wasn't going to be able to see me for at least a week. I was bedridden for days. I got my appetite back a few days later but for the most part I remained doubled over in pain. At the same time, Clementine wasn't feeling well. All she wanted to do was lay on me and her appetite also disappeared. Then she spiked a fever of 103. The next day she started vomiting. Sunday she woke up with a scary looking rash all over her front and back. I google searched what her rash looked like and what it was indicator of, and I was pretty sure it was something called "roseola", because roseola matched the timeline of what was going on with her (fever, vomiting, rash). But of course we couldn't chance her recovery on what I found on google so off to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta we went. Thankfully by Sunday morning I was only nauseous instead of in agony.
   So after an hour or so of waiting, she was diagnosed with roseola. We were told there were nothing to do for it, she would be better in a few days, keep her fluids and up and come back if she spiked another fever. Apparently roseola is common, because every parent I have mentioned this to has said something along the lines of "Oh yea, my child had that!" The poor girl was just miserable. She lost a whole pound and her ribs were sticking out. All she wanted to do was occasionally nurse and lay on my chest, which I was happy to oblige to.
   The following Tuesday she started coughing. By Wednesday she sounded like she was going to die, the cough was so bad. to the doctor we went, to discover that she had an ear infection! I am not typically the first person to use antibiotics but after a week of sickness and seeing her in such a sad state, and given how scary sounding her cough was (even though the doc said it wasn't anything to be concerned about yet) we agreed to putting her on amoxicillin. By the next day her appetite was back in full force which just put us over the moon! Seriously....girlfriend is going to be A YEAR OLD next week and she weighed 16lbs! She weighs 17lbs now and we are really, really grateful for that.
Seriously....girlfriend is A YEAR OLD and she weighed 16lbs! She weighs 17lbs now and we are really, really grateful for that.

The first time she chose to stand up or play in over a week--
it was beyond exciting for this mama to see.

    Long story short: I don't eat sugar (including added sugars in things like store-bought pasta sauce, blah blah blah) because our best bet is that my intestines were enflamed (because I ate sugar) and Clementine is sick (AGAIN) but it's not roseola & an ear infection so life is good.

  Clem's first birthday was adorable and extremely emotional for me and I'm still just so sad that she is a WHOLE YEAR OLD. You know, parents love to tell new parents a lot of things, but nothing so much as how quickly children grow. Which, by the way, was the most obnoxious thing ever said out loud to me during Clementine's first 8 weeks of life. Seriously, is there any encouragement in telling a person who hasn't slept in months and has basically just lived one giant, exhausting day that has never ended that it goes "so fast"? Ugh, please, keep it to yourself!

Stacey made us the most beautiful smash cake ever!

Once she got the gist of it, she couldn't stop. Not even for a photo op.

Two days later we were off to Phoenix for Christmas!

 Clementine was not a big fan of the plane ride. I mean, who is? But was horrible. She screamed and cried a lot, and fidgeted, and refused to sleep....and when she did sleep she slept for 30 minutes, sweat profusely all over Thad, and then woke up and screamed some more. BUT, we did have a wonderful time with family in Phoenix.

Things I forgot I loved:
--freeways with more than one lane each way
--cloudless skies
--purple sunsets

--more mountains everywhere
(this is the mountain we used to live on)

we played on the stairs a lot

we also fell down the stairs a lot

it's okay, cause we are cute.

Clementine's first visit to Oregano's = success

We got to meet our new cousin/nephew, Everett.

He's basically the cutest and we were all obsessed.

Oh and we got to spend time with this adorable boy that we really, really missed.

He's so much fun and totally obsessed with being a dinosaur.

Clementine literally couldn't keep her hands off of Everett.

Aiden was showing us his "treasure chest"

Practicing her tackling skills.

Boxes are the best?

Dad gave us a cool explanation of P52 and why it's important

I was really excited for it to be Christmas day and visiting my old store

We were listening to the Christmas story with the Pinch's

Christmas 2013 versus 

Christmas 2012. *tear*
Okay literally, Clementine is obsesssed with her cousins

If she could be a barnacle on Aiden, she would.

Please note the cuteness overload, and the way Clem is staring at Aiden!

McKinley and Grace came to visit since they are only 5 hours away.
These two are quite a handful and way too adorable for words.

I couldn't get over the mountains everywhere. I grew up with them and forgot what it's like to be surrounded by them.

We took advantage of groupon/grandparents to escape for a date afternoon.
I love him. A lot.

Clementine got lots and lots of snuggles this trip.

We got Clementine to sleep on the flight back.

It was a nice change of pace from the flight out. 

We couldn't get on a plane without Tinkerbell.
Having that movie on my iPad really, really helped.

Anyway, it was a wonderful end to an amazing, beyond words year and we are so excited for 2014!

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Deb Martin said...

Did you find out for sure that it was the sugar making you sick? That sounds so scary! I'm so glad you and baby C are alright! I recently had to stop eating gluten because it was making me sick, so I feel's been several months and I'm still getting used to it!

We flew to CA for Christmas and had a similar experience with Graham. 1 yr olds and flying do not mix! It is hilarious that your dad gives textual criticism lessons for you in their home...I would love if my dad did that...haha.

Anyway, Merry Christmas and happy birthday C!!!!