Monday, February 3, 2014

A Day in the Life.

I haven't had a lot of time for blogging because it's been awesomely busy around here. And by "awesomely busy" I mean busy in a good way. Busy working, busy resting. We have fallen into a pretty sweet routine, and it usually goes something like this:

Clementine wakes up
Make baby food for the day
Feed Clementine
Nurse Clementine & text Thad at work to say Good Morning
Change a diaper
Make coffee, get yelled at for not playing
Try to read a book to Clementine, get rejected
Play on the floor with baby
Maybe start a load of laundry
Put Clementine down for her morning nap
---UNLESS it's Wednesday morning, in which case I'm in Bible Study with the best ladies ever--
Turn off monitor so I don't have to listen to her protest
Read, drudgereport, email
Turn monitor on because Clem is passed out
Eat bacon
Text all the friends
Start/Finish/Look for a new freelance writing job
Try to remember if I've taken a shower in the past 24 hours
Do some dishes
Feed Clementine lunch
Play on the floor with C or get yelled at
Frantically remember I forgot the laundry I started
Deal with poop
Forget to eat lunch
Show Clementine herself on my phone
Catch up on Bible Study
Put Clementine down for afternoon nap
Too hungry now to cook lunch, nom on an avocado
Try not to take a nap, which sometimes turns into a nap
Put dinner in the crock pot
Wash a load of cloth diapers
Neglect folding the laundry
Should I shower? Why am I awake?
Feed Clementine second lunch
Nurse baby
Get yelled at if I even THINK about going to the bathroom alone
Wait for Dadda to get home
Play with fairies, wads of paper, try not to have a heart attack because Clementine is climbing on things
Change another diaper while texting all the friends
Deal with poop
Rejoice that Thad is home after a 10 hour work day
Should wash some dishes
Ticklefest instead
Feed Clementine dinner
Nurse baby
Try to remember if I put food in the crockpot, maybe eat dinner, maybe cook something
Baby bath time
Baby play time
Baby bed time
Pathetically ask Thad to do the million dishes that appeared out of nowhere,
(which he does without complaint and will probably fold the laundry while he's at it)
while finishing up a writing project
Collapse on the couch and watch something mindless on netflix with Thad
Thad falls asleep
Wake him up, put him in bed, read Bible, pray together
Read on the couch, work on a writing project til my eyes get blurry
Did I shower today?
If yes, go to bed.
If no, I'm too tired to shower.
Inner struggle
Fall asleep texting

So clearly, life is pretty sweet. One day a week I leave for work as soon as Thad gets home and don't get home until midnight. This is the kind of picture I get when I'm at work:

Clearly, they have fun together. Anyway, I've always loved working at Starbucks and don't see that changing in the forseeable future, even if what I make from my freelance writing becomes enough to replace my two shifts a week slangin' coffee.

The writing has been a major blessing. It doesn't feel like work because I love doing it! I was pretty nervous when I started out, and not even sure if I should be taking the jobs, but the feedback I have gotten from the people I have worked for so far has been:

"Amazing writer! Her words were so well chosen. I would definitely rehire her again!!! I was tempted not to give such a glowing review because I wanted to keep her for myself but that would be selfish. She is so talented. Definitely, perfect for any creative writing task! Also very punctual. I cannot say enough good things about her.”

"Summer understood my complex brief and produced creative results above and beyond what I required - with an impressive commitment to quality."

It has been really encouraging to get some affirmation and made me even more aggressive in going out and finding more jobs. 

Basically, praise God from whom all blessings flow.

And just for fun, here's how much Clementine loves looking at herself. I'm not kidding when I say it's a major part of our entertainment during the day. I apologize in advance if the cuteness level makes you pass out.

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