Monday, April 21, 2014

The Hill I Wish I Was Dying On *Update*

    The response to my last blog post has been overwhelming to put it mildly. Here are some of the reviews:

"Great! Thank you so much for writing this!"
"You are an idiot."
"This blessed me tremendously to read."
"You are wrong on so many levels, I don't even know where to begin."
"Evans loves Jesus. You hate grace."
"I wish more women would speak out against Rachel Held Evans like you have done. May this be the beginning."

  Surprising? No, of course not.

   Firstly, to clarify, I did not anywhere in my letter to RHE (seriously, she has great initials guys) assume that homosexuality is "so much worse" than any other sin. To see that in my post is to read that in to the post. The thesis of my post is that RHE does not give a hoot about scriptural authority and I used her support for gay Christianity to substantiate my claim (the Bible is fairly clear on God's view of homosexuality). I could have used her hatred for the roles of men and women in marriage to demonstrate that she does not hold fast to Word of God, but in light of the trending topics lately, I chose the former.

   Secondly, because of my firstly, I did not touch on the fact that there are brothers and sisters in the Lord today who struggle with same-sex attraction. I am not (for now) going to attempt to wax eloquent on that issue--Rosaria Butterfield has already done so, and you can be greatly edified by her book, The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert. Wanna read about God's grace? Rosaria was a lesbian who came to know the Lord through a pastor who invited her in to his home. He respected her. He was kind to her. He spoke with her. But he did not try to "love" her by lying to her about her sin. And now we all have this awesome testimony of God's grace in Rosaria's life, and a new sister in Christ.

   Thirdly, it is my high view of God's grace (and low view of man) that allows me to speak boldly about the preciousness of God's word. You cannot, absolutely cannot, love a sinner by encouraging them in their sin, which is exactly what Rachel Held Evans does. It is so saddening that because our society demands that we approve of homosexuality, this mindset is creeping into the church. It is creeping in to the church because Christians are willing to compromise. I will not compromise. I will not not call sin "sin" because the world will call me hateful. I've been promised hate (John 15:18). I've seen plenty of it just today!

  I cannot bring the truth to bear on RHE's heart. I cannot bring the truth to bear on anyone's heart. The Spirit of God does that, and He does it through the preaching and hearing of his Word.

  I have shared the Gospel with a few of my friends who are homosexual. I sympathize with RHE on one point: sometimes it can be difficult to get through to them that I don't hate them. But that is not because Christians or churches or the Bible universally spews "hatred" (whatever that word means anymore!) to gays--it is because our culture tells the LGBT community that we hate them.
    Once I break down the barrier with my gay friends that I do not hate them, I give them the best news I can possibly give them: I'm a sinner, too, and I get to spend all of eternity with the Creator of the universe. Then I give them the bad news: the Bible says that they won't be. Those that Christ has died for and redeemed to himself don't live in sin anymore. Yes, it's a process. Yes, as long as we are in these earthly bodies, we will sin over and over and over and over. BUT God has given us the Spirit, by which we can fight sin, and by which we can truly repent of our sins! We are not in bondage to our sin! Our lives are marked by the fruit of knowing God!

   I love sharing this news with my gay friends. I love telling them that they are not "special." It seems they have this perception that we Christians are out to get them because our weird ancient scrolls tell us to do so. Sorry, gays, you're not! My holy book says that if it wasn't for Christ, you and I would be in the exact same boat going the exact same place, whether or not it's cause one of us is gay and one of us is a liar!

   Anyway, I really did not mean to make this all about homosexuality. The bone to pick here is scriptural authority and sufficiency. You see, once that has been established, once a love for the truth of God's Word captivates your soul, there is no going back. There is no seeking to fit it into the cultural mindframe. There is no seeking to twist it and make it more palatable to the reader. There is no attempt to assign fluidity to what the Creator has called a rock. That, so to speak, is a hill I'll gladly die on.

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Until next time I start a controversy by defending the authority of Scripture,


Victoria said...

Thanks Summer-you really addressed the foundational issue here-the authority of scripture and the love of truth-true truth as Francis Schaeffer used to say. It takes real courage for a young woman to tackle this issue as you have. As an older woman and a Christian who loves God's word which reveals God's truth...I am very proud to know you. These are the issues your generation of truth loving young women are facing-I am glad you have added your voice.

Tracy said...

Yes and amen!

Jules LaPierre said...

You've clearly outlined the bull's eye, Summer and, as you said, there is no going back.

The difficulty in communicating with RHE and her ilk is that while we embrace the utter sufficiency and complete authority of Scripture alone, they embrace subjective emotionalism.

We make statements based on objective reason and fact. They respond with subjective emotion. In effect, we are speaking past one another.

Summer Pinch said...

You, as well, Jules, have hit the bullseye there! It is shocking really hearing some of the response although it shouldn't be. Either God's view is more important than yours or your emotion is more important than God's view. There's no middle ground.

Jules LaPierre said...

Indeed, there is no middle ground, no gray area. In discussions such as these it helps to remind myself that a high view of God and His Word are a gift from Him. It is our nature to make the world revolve around ourselves, so progressives are simply doing what comes naturally.

Jules LaPierre said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah Holbrook said...

What if…gays were born that way? What if it is truly in their DNA to be gay and to be attracted to the same sex? What if someone you loved told you about your own sin without looking at their own sin first? Why can't a gay person be a Christian? What if there is a "bigger picture" that God is asking us to look at with regards to homosexuals and that the Holy Spirit is prompt us to reevaluate how we see those 6 verses in the bible about homosexuality? What if...

Lockheed said...

They never seem able to deal with the actual content of what one says, they only claim you're saying what they assume you are and then chastise you.

Ban em all.

Lockheed said...

What if…gays were born that way? What if it is truly in their DNA to be gay and to be attracted to the same sex?

Psychopaths are apparently also "born that way".

Pedophiles are also "born that way".
( )

The fact of the matter is, we're all born "that way" in regards to sin. We're conceived in it, we love it, we're thrilled to engage in it.

What Christ provides is a new life in which sin no longer rules over us.

What if someone you loved told you about your own sin without looking at their own sin first?

Why is that some sort of prerequirement? Neither Jesus nor Paul never told believers to "be sinless before you note sinful behavior in others." In fact, we're told to: "not to associate with anyone who bears the name of brother if he is guilty of sexual immorality or greed, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or swindler—not even to eat with such a one... purge the evil person from among you."

So, that's what God says.

the Holy Spirit is prompt us to reevaluate how we see those 6 verses in the bible about homosexuality? What if...

What if elephants could fly? Perhaps the Holy Spirit of God, who inspired the actual words of Scripture, meant what was written and you simply don't like it?

And what if we're actually supposed to accept that the Bible is interpreted correctly given the context in which it was written?

What if...

Nicholas Myra said...

@Sarah Holbrook

Again, whether or not someone is born with same-sex attraction is Biblically irrelevant to the sinfulness of homosexual activity.

Jenna Priest said...

Your open letter to RHE was brilliant and was spoken graciously yet firmly. Agree 100%.

Margaret Boelman said...

I humbly suggest our western interpretations and translations have changed the dots and tittles of scripture substantially. I also suggest the 2 to 5 thousand years of cultural changes have altered how various verses are now understood compared to the ways they were understood at the time of their writing. Thus unless you are a Bible scholar, and Jewish historian, not to mention fluent in ancient Hebrew and Greek the clarity of your version of scripture is at the very least questionable. It is actually not Biblical to believe in the utter sufficiency and complete authority of Scripture alone. Those attitudes/positions belong to God alone. As for me, I believe Jesus meant what He said when He told his disciples the Father would send the Spirit to teach and guide us so excuse me if I trust Spirit's interpretations over yours.

Nicholas Leone said...

@Margaret Boelman

So you claim the Holy Spirit told you that homosexuality isn't sinful?

And do you have any actual "verses" in mind or do you just wish to cast doubt on the Scriptures in general?

I'd be willing to bet that Summer has done more theological and Biblical study than you have.

Sarah Holbrook said...

@Lockheed and everyone else - Do you have gay children? I do, and now more than ever I believe Jesus' greatest commandment, to love one another.

Sarah Holbrook said...

“Close both eyes see with the other one. Then we are no longer saddled by the burden of our persistent judgments our ceaseless withholding our constant exclusion. Our sphere has widened and we find ourselves quite unexpectedly in a new expansive location in a place of endless acceptance and infinite love.”
― Gregory Boyle, Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion

Summer Pinch said...

Sarah, you can continue to ask if any of us have gay children over and over but it won't change what the Creator of the Universe has to say about homosexuality.

Love your children and point them to the Cross. Condoning their sin and encouraging them in it is to follow the example of the person outlined in Romans 1. This is, indeed, an egregious thing to do.

That being said, you have made me contemplate the heaviness that would be mine if my child ever "came out" to me. Thank you for that. The answer to your question as to what I would do would be:

1. Pray.
2. Pray.
3. Seek counsel from the elders of my church
4. Pray.
5. Love my gay child like I love any other unbelieving family member and proceed under the counsel and direction of my elders (I can do this because I belong to a church led by men who love, honor, and obey the Word of God).

William Price said...

Another well written article! Keep it up!

sandyfe said...

Mrs. Pinch,

1. Pray. *check
2. Pray. *check
3. Seek counsel from the elders of my church *check
4. Pray. *check
5. Love my gay child like I love any other BELIEVING family member and proceed under the counsel and direction of my elders *CHECK

Summer Pinch said...

Lockheed & Nicholas,

commenters like you make it easier to monitor my threads. Thanks ya'll.

Summer Pinch said...


ahhh, I see what you did there ;)

Here's the deal, you can engage with the sufficiency and authority of Scripture, or you can hop on over to your own blog and make as many feeling-driven and unbiblical claims as you want!

Thank you.

Jules LaPierre said...


"Love my gay child like I love any other BELIEVING family member..."

Believing in what?

sandyfe said...

Thank you so much Summer Pinch. I will go now. Peace. :)

Victoria S. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robert Warren said...

Sarah Holbrook:

1 - What did the Bible say before your children decided they were gay?

2 - Jesus' second commandment, "love your neighbor" is actually a summary of Commandments 5 thru 10, and must be followed perfectly, based on His interpretations (Mt 5). How's that working out for you?

Victoria S. said...

Great work, Summer! You write very well and are a breath of fresh air in this stifling world of evil.

Andrew said...

This blog is marvelous! You are correct, Summer. The real issue is scriptural authority. Dr. White has taught you well.

UNJUSTER said...

Thanks Summer. Your comments have been refreshing. I look forward to more.

barton havens said...

I agree with this blog on this issue. If you look human body your notice that we nether male nor female can't live without each other, we damage to are body by tried attempt sexuality in course with same gender. In 1975 the shrinks remove label Gender Dysphoria, people slow began called it homosexuality. for christian point this still a sin. In my eyes it remain a sin

Gue'vesa said...


I'm confused regarding your hypothetical response to a child "coming out", and subsequently treating them like an unbeliever.

Are you including admitting homosexual desires as "coming out"? Because it's a little scary to think someone would immediately call my salvation into question if I admitted to struggling with a particular sin.

Or by "coming out" did you mean embracing the lifestyle and claiming there is nothing wrong with it, not just admitting you struggle with it?

Summer Pinch said...


I think the term "coming out" tends to mean that the person coming out is saying they are a homosexual and are living that lifestyle and are making it known.

Of course there is a distinction between the above described and a believer admitting to struggling with same-sex attraction. That is not the question I was asked and responding to, however.

Sarah Holbrook said...

@Robert…my child didn't decide that he wanted to be gay. Who would decide to live a life where so many people would downright hate him. He was born that way. As much as you want to argue this, he is not an abomination, he is a child of God. I don't claim to follow anything perfectly (and neither should you). We can't. Jesus made up the difference on the cross. We strive to be Christ like, but we can never be just like him. I believe that when a close friend or family member tells us that they are gay, there will be a clearer understanding of the command to love one another and not to judge.

Jules LaPierre said...


You said, "Jesus made up the difference on the cross."

Do you realize that this is a misunderstanding of the most central doctrine in Christianity?

Summer Pinch said...


I'm wondering if you could point me to where in the Bible it is taught that Jesus "made up the difference" for us? Jules is right, you are demonstrating a serious lack of understanding of what Christ did on the Cross.

Christ did not come to save us after all that we could do to save ourselves. (Ephesians 2) Salvation is 100% a work of God, He did ALL of the work, not come to hand us some change because we came up "short." Truly, if you believe that, then it is ironic that you could call me a legalist. I don't have to earn my way and hope Jesus makes up the difference. Jesus paid the WHOLE price because I have nothing to offer but rags.

Jules LaPierre said...

Waits for the pharisee card to be played.

Jimikins said...

Dear Jesus: I believe in What you did on the cross for my sins and then rose from the dead and took the payment for my sins and I believe in you please save me I am sorry ~amen

This simple "PLAN" is left in the hands and control of sinful creatures. This idea and teaching might have some responsibility in the acceptance of culture instead of the authority of Scripture. Lately there is alot I am learning through the authority of scripture that I have ignored for years. I can sypathize with unwillingness to see what is there (not agree just sympathize as one who lives in sin)

I guess i could have just typed The authority of scripture is not up to the sinner.

Further On said...

Thank you, Sarah, for having the courage to say what you've said and deal with the following onslaught of criticism. I'm really glad you mentioned Rosaria Butterfield and her book. I was deeply encouraged as someone who wants to know how to love those who struggle with homosexuality by everything she wrote and went on to read other equally encouraging books. I hope it's okay, but I thought I'd post those in this comment as well in case it helps this conversation or others who are interested in reading more. Please keep up the good writing!

"Washed & Waiting: Reflections on Christian Faithfulness and Homosexuality" by Wesley Hill
"Out of A Far Country: A Gay Son's Journey to God. A Broken Mother's Search for Hope" by Christopher Yuan and Angela Yuan
"The Gospel & Sexual Orientation" by the Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America

Turretinfan said...

"now more than ever I believe Jesus' greatest commandment, to love one another."

Actually, the greatest commandment is "Love the Lord thy God."

And it is not loving to see your brother in sin and affirm his sin.

James 5:20
Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.

That's how we love one another, not by encouraging people to go on in fornication.


Getthe Garners said...

Linked to this off of FB and Monergism. Thank you for being courageous and truthful.

Deleting said...

'What if....' Sounds an awful lot like '....hath God said..'

Do I detect a bit of a 'hiss' in there? Perhaps.

More on this later.

Kevin Phelan said...

Dear Summer,

I have been a follower of your fathers blog for many years now and the apple surely does not fall far from the tree. While I agree with much of what you write, I would like to play devils advocate here.

I don't think it is a stretch to say there are many, many divorced Christians. What I mean by this is they divorced (when they were professing Christ) for reasons other than marital infidelity. They have since remarried and are going to church, worshiping God, fellowshipping, etc. You are a very smart girl and I am sure you can see where I am going with this. :)

If one were to be consistent in their (as literal as possible) application of scripture, then it would seem to me that the only biblical conclusion would be that all those people are living in sin as their current marriages are in and of themselves, not sanctioned by scripture. Yet we do not shun divorced Christians. We do not consider them in open rebellion against God's word.

Now that may in fact be your view that we should purge them from fellowship until they repent(what that would look like I am not sure), but I haven't read through your blog to see if you have even written on it. My greater point is this does not seem to be something that even remotely appears on the radar of the conservative evangelical christian community. In fact, there is a high statistical probability that there are numerous examples of sinful couples in your fathers church, as well as yours, (and mine for that matter). Divorce has so become the norm within the church that it doesn't seem to matter anymore. And I'm not saying it doesn't matter to you specifically, but rather collectively within the body of Christ. Sure folks will give the perfunctory attestation that it is in fact sinful, but it doesn't seem to cause the rancor that homosexuality does (just look at the comments on the pertinent threads for evidence of that!). This inspite of the clear teaching that divorce is sin, God hates it, and as one who has gone through it myself (actually due to infidelity), it is incredibly painful for the entire family unit.

I understand that this isn't exactly an apple to apples comparison. But if we are intellectually honest with ourselves, then we have millions of professing believers who are in marriages that if we take the Word at face value, are completely adulterous in their nature and are in open rebellion against God. I would truly appreciate your thoughts on this subject.


Summer Pinch said...


I am sure there are many intelligent, God-honoring men (or women) who have written about this important topic and I would encourage you to seek them out.

If you're asking if it's possible in my view for there to be divorced believers my answer would be yes. There are believers who are divorced. There are also believers who struggle with same sex attraction.

All of this is not the topic of my post however. The topic of my post is that one must have a low view of Scripture and a high view of man in order to think and speak and believe like RHE does (not just about homosexuality).

So, respectfully, you're a bit off topic. Again I would point you to the likes of Piper, Washer, DeYoung, etc. to answer your questions regarding divorce and the church.

Kevin Phelan said...

Hi Summer,

With all due respect, given that you said this:

"Anyway, I really did not mean to make this all about homosexuality. The bone to pick here is scriptural authority and sufficiency. You see, once that has been established, once a love for the truth of God's Word captivates your soul, there is no going back. There is no seeking to fit it into the cultural mindframe. There is no seeking to twist it and make it more palatable to the reader. There is no attempt to assign fluidity to what the Creator has called a rock. That, so to speak, is a hill I'll gladly die on."

I believe my post is very much on topic. My point was we (as a collective body of believers) have allowed a "cultural mindframe" regarding the permissiveness/pervasiveness of divorce to color our treatment of divorced christians. It may have not necessarily our changed our interpretation of scripture, but it sure as heck has changed our application of it. Like I said, there are no calls to purge the pews (expel the immoral brother!) of all those divorced Christians who have remarried someone other than their original spouse.

You say that one can be divorced and still be Christian, just as there are those who struggle with same sex attraction who are believers. But why does the latter get treated with Christendom is at a crossroads hysteria while the former is just kind of brushed under the carpet of Christian history?

Summer Pinch said...


I can't answer for many generations of christians for you. But I can tell you that no NT author talks about the divorced living in sin as "such WERE some of you" (1 cor 6). Also, the Bible does say that because of our hardness of heart, divorce in cases of infidelity are allowed.

Can you show me a verse in the bible that says that practicing homosexuality has been allowed because of hardness of heart? Or a place where those who had been divorced were brought "out" of divorce and described as going from being divorced to being saved?

Lockheed said...

And now... this message from the progressives.

Victoria said...

Kevin-there are scriptural grounds for divorce. You are VERY off topic here. You have an obvious axe to grind and hopefully will do it somewhere else.

Deleting said...

Okay, here's my post from earlier. I wasn't able to type out a longer reply and in a way, that's a good thing.

My sin, one of many but I will start with this, is nastiness. Yeah, being a total 'B' word. I'm good at it. I can give lessons in how to be a 'B' and bring on the hurt.

That's who I am in my flesh. I can pull out the 'What if' and 'DNA' card too, but there's just as much scientific evidence for a person with a foul mouth and disposition being born this way as there is for someone being born gay.

It's in my flesh after all. It's who I am.
Yet, that same flesh the Apostle Paul talked about mortifying daily.
'I die daily', he said. Remember?

And Paul had his own special bent, remember? He was a sinner too, a murderer. Yet after his conversion he wasn't running around trying to kill'em some christians. He was one of them.
He repented.

If Paul, the most influential christian who ever lived, did not get a pass on sin then why should a gay person? Why should your son.

I know you have your definition of love and you love your kid passionately with a furvor that would make a gay basher think twice before messing with him if he ever saw you.

But in trying to win him acceptance in this life your setting him up for damnation in the next.

God loves your son and you more than you can know, but he's got a wrath and he has his limits. If God is the same in the old testament as he is in the new testament then he hasn't changed his official position on homosexuality.
If God has said to the children of Israel homosexuality is an abomination, he's not going to suddenly sanction it just because we're in a season of grace and mercy.

He needs to repent of his sin, of lusting after the same sex and sexual relations. He needs to do it because Christ paid the penalty for his sin to satisfy the wrath of God this sin evokes from God.

One more thing Sarah, the 'what if' argument says more about your world view and how stable it is than the rest of the people commenting on this blog. They are giving you wise biblical counsel. Please quit fighting them.

Deleting said...

Sorry for going off topic. I just needed to share.

Return to the discussion please. :)

Kevin Phelan said...


I know there are scriptural grounds for divorce. Divorce itself isn't the sin (though God hates it none the less). Adultery is the sin. And according to Jesus teaching on divorce, anyone who divorces for reasons other than sexual immorality and then remarries commits adultery. I would posit that the pews are chock full of adulterers because I know a lot of Christians who got divorced for reasons other than sexual sin, meaning they are committing serial adultery. And guess which sin is mentioned right before homosexuality in 1 Cor 6:9 with regards to NOT inheriting the Kingdom (hint, it starts with A).

I explained above why I believe my posts were on topic. To restate, I am asking why we give that sin a collective pass but act as though homosexuality is the be all/end all challenge to the faith?

I feel the need to reiterate that I have no doubt in my mind what the bible teaches on the topic of homosexuality. I do not doubt that practicing homosexuality is a grievous sin in Gods sight. It is a violation of the natural created order. And I am frankly disgusted by the radical homosexual community's attempts to normalize their behavior.

That being said, there is a pastoral challenge here and the church is FAILING in it. We are not very compassionate at all towards those who have same sex attraction struggles. Much of that is probably borne from a knee jerk reaction to the bullying tactics the radicals take. But when we make proclamations that we will not bend our interpretation of scripture to bend to societal norms, and then make OBVIOUS concessions with regards to divorce/remarriage within the church, what credibility do we have?

Summer Pinch said...

" I am asking why we give that sin a collective pass but act as though homosexuality is the be all/end all challenge to the faith? "

That, sir, is off topic.

So what is the bone you're trying to pick? We have to keep our mouths shut about all wrong doing because the church is made up of sinners?

Make your point, or please find another medium to do so. This IS off topic.

Summer Pinch said...


Please consider this your first and only warning.

My post is not about divorce. My post is not about what sins are worse. I think the bible is pretty clear on what you're so confused about and I have given you an answer. You are not welcome to continue to attempt to muddy the issue of scriptural authority regarding God's view of homosexuality on my blog.

Thank you.

Kevin Phelan said...

Very well. I thought I was being clear, but it appears we are talking past each other at this point. Please accept my apologies.


Jules LaPierre said...

Summer...I'd like to compliment you on the way you've responded to all the comments on these two posts. Firm, truthful and kind. Well done.

Summer Pinch said...

Thank you, Jules! My desire has been to be respectful (which of course, does not mean 'always agreeing with' but I think some would disagree with me on that). I really appreciate you!

Summer Pinch said...


I think you are right (about us talking past each other). I don't know what else to say other than thank you for not being disrespectful.

Margaret Boelman said...

@ Kevin Phelen--Playing devil's advocate doesn't seem to work particularly well on this post but your point is not entirely lost. The vast majority of the Church seems to be okay with not upholding the authority of scripture when it comes to divorce and remarriage, a point RHE has also made in the past. Yet, RHE is considered by the author of this post to not be a true Christian because she does not uphold the authority of scripture despite the fact that upholding the authority of scripture (as translated into its English version and interpreted by Summer Pinch et als) is not what is meant in Romans 10:9 where it says: If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved."
Oh well.
@ Nicholas Leone--Mrs. Pinch may have done more theological and Biblical study than I have but I suspect she's mostly sat under white male leadership and accepts their authority.

Summer Pinch said...


I suggest you read my post to RHE again before attempting to assert "RHE is considered by the author of this post to not be a true Christian".

Also, if you have a problem with sitting under white, male authority, take it up with the new testament authors. They seemed to think that sitting under a white, male authority was worth dying for. That "white male authority" that you snark at was the Son of God. Proceed with caution.

Michael Herrmann said...

Summer. I believe Margaret's assertion that you consider RHE to not be a true Christian is accurate. In your post you asserted to RHE "In a nutshell, you are a wolf in sheep’s clothing." Is Margaret's statement not a correct understanding of your position?

BTW, It's clear that RHE is a wolf and I appreciate you identifying her as such.

Summer Pinch said...


I do believe that she is currently a wolf in sheep's clothing given what she teaches.

I have also known men of God who have fallen into heresy and taken people with them. But they were not left to live in their false doctrine because they ARE one of God's sheep. This is why I left the caveat at the end of my letter to RHE. If she is saved, she needs to repent. If not, she still needs to repent.

As it remains, yes, she currently looks like a sheep and talks like a sheep (that point has been labeled "debatable" by some) but she is preaching a message that is incredibly divergent from that of the authors of the Bible.

I am not the Spirit so I cannot say "I know for 100% fact that RHE is not saved." That would be unwise, and foolish, and arrogant.

I would that she is like the pastor I once knew.....turned from teaching a false message into repentance into reconciliation.