Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Just a few, quick, rambling thoughts today:

I fed my daughter pizza for lunch and for a fleeting moment I felt guilt.

Thankfully, the moment was fleeting, and I remembered:

There are millions of women around the globe today who won't be setting food in front of their children. 

There are millions of parents around the globe today who don't get to feed their children with as little financial hurt as I will. 

But alas, I am surrounded by the food bloggers and the picture takers, who will today put the healthiest of the healthy food in front of their children and take a picture of it because their food is their savior, identity, and worth.

[Side note: I am not generalizing all food bloggers as idol worshippers.
Some of them are.
Some of the aren't.
The proof is in the organic, fair-trade pudding.]

Certainly, much can be sound about the need for us to take care of our bodies. It is inherently a christian thing to do--treat our bodies as temples and honor God with them. So, much smarter men and women have written plenty to say on the subject. That is not what I am addressing here (what I am not addressing is whether or not my child should eat pizza every day--that's pretty much a no-brainer). 

So, today, I can't take a picture of my child's food with the hashtag #cleaneating. 

But I can try (and perhaps sometimes fail) to eat what we have, do the best I can, and be--more than anything else--a house of grateful eaters. And today I will try to eat guilt free that I am not keeping up with the most-healthful-Joneses. 

My identity as a mother is not found in the amount of blueberries my child has eaten this week. My identity as a mother is found in Christ and how much of Him I have shown my child this week. 

So perhaps tomorrow, instead of opting for the easy re-heating of pizza, I will reach for my child's usual blueberry/avocado/egg/cheese/spinach options for lunch. Right now I'm just enjoying how much this girl loves pizza.

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