Sunday, May 11, 2014

Zachary Getz--Remembered by God

This is baby Zachary.

I know, I'm sorry, your heart just melted out of your body. He is so precious.

Zachary's parents were told early on in their pregnancy that a lot of people "choose to terminate" when they find out their babies are in the condition that Zachary was in. Zachary has heart issues, and at the time, not all of the physical issues he had and would face were known. 

Zachary's parents, David and Becky, know and love the Lord. "Terminating" their sweet little one was never even close to being an option. Instead, David and Becky turned to the Lord and the church for prayer and support through what would no doubt be the trial of their lives. 

I won't post the entirety of Zachary's story here, but instead I will point you to David and Becky's blog, Remembered By God, and encourage you to read it. I have both rejoiced and cried as I have followed their story. David and Becky's example of turning to the Lord in their day of trouble has both convicted and encouraged me to the utmost. To witness their faithfulness to God, and God's faithfulness to them, has undoubtedly blessed many.

David and Becky are asking for prayer. Zachary has undergone many surgeries and there are still more to come--and soon. I cannot even imagine what it would be like to send my baby off to the OR. Their desire is that the body of Christ would pray hard for Zachary as he continues his battle. 

I would ask you to consider buying a t-shirt for Zachary here. The purpose of the t-shirt is twofold--to remind the body to pray for Zachary and to help with the immense stress that comes along with medical expenses. The shirts are only $20. It could be the best $20 you spend this week, and will undoubtedly be a blessing to a brother and sister that we will get to fellowship with for an eternity in heaven. 

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